New Half Dolls For Sale

Camilla 9.5 cm (3.50 inches) High
$40.00 plus postage

Coquette 9.5 cm (3.50 inches) High
$40.00 plus postage

Louise 9 cm (3.25 inches) High
$40.00 plus postage.
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Sinead Cassandra


Half doll Cassandra is dress in this lovely pattern from
 Belle Bambole
which is called Sinead Cassandra.
This pattern uses
2 x hanks of white beads
2 x hanks of light grey
1 x hank of dark grey beads
1 x hank of black beads
1/3 x hank of silver beads
1 x ball of perle 8,White cotton
2 x balls of perle 8,Grey cotton
1 x ball of perle 8,Black cotton.


Please contact Helen about this pattern 
using her Facebook Message board.

Half Doll Coquette

Half doll Coquette is dress by Dot Wells.
Dot chose the pattern Linnet from
Chessington dolls.
Beads no.672 were used in this pattern.

Coquette Out on the Town


Coquette is dress by Coral Howe.


Gianna off to the Ball

  Gianna looking beautiful in a dress by Belle Bambole 
called Countress Marie  Louise.
This skirt was knitted by Ann Walker of Devonport.
Ann used bead no.387 T
with D.M.C. cotton no.747.
Which makes a very soft 
and subtle combination.
This pattern uses 7 x hanks of beads
and 2 x balls of Perle 8 cotton.